Antibacterial potential of actinomycetes from Seagrass against human and aquaculture pathogens

M. Babuselvam, A. Panneerselvam, K. Kanimozhi, G. Kavitha


The present investigation was designed to isolate actinomycetes from seagrass and evaluate their antibacterial activity against antibiotic resistant pathogens, urinary tract infections pathogens, ophthalmic pathogens, fish pathogens and shrimp pathogens. A total of 10 actinomycetes species isolated from seagrass namely Cymodocea serrulata and Syrgodium isoetifolium were tested for antagonistic activity against selected clinical and aquaculture pathogens. During the initial screening (primary screening), isolates no. 2,3 and 5 showed inhibition against human pathogens. These three isolates were further screened against antibiotic resistant pathogens, urinary tract infections pathogens, ophthalmic pathogens, fish pathogens and shrimp pathogens. These three isolates showing potent broad spectrum antibacterial activity. The present study also performed that, the cultural, morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics confirmed that these isolates are species of the genus, Streptomyces. Further studies on the bioactive metabolites from these isolates will be useful for discovering novel compounds of clinical and aquaculture use.


Keywords: antibacterial compounds; inhibition; Streptomycetes; seagrass

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