Antibiotic profile of some bacteria from poultry feed and Faeces in Ado Ekiti

Oyinloye J. M. Adedeji, Amiolemhen O. Immaculate, Ibitayo Adejoke O.


Foodborne diseases are a major cause of death especially in developing nations, and are often caused by drug resistant microbes. Most of these isolates are of zoonotic origin via contact on farm houses or via the food chain. This study examined bacteria population of poultry birds’ (layers and broilers) feeds and faeces. A significant (P<0.5) higher number of the faecal bacteria isolates were from broilers droppings, 33 (61.1%), while layers droppings yielded 21 (38.9%). There was however no significant difference (P<0.5) between the numbers of isolates gotten from feed samples; layers mash, 5 (41.7%) and broiler finisher, 7 (58.3%). A similar resistance profile as observed in isolates from both faecal and feed samples is suggestive of epidemiological relationship between the isolates. Ofloxacin was however most sensitive to the Gram negatives at 83.06% while gentamicin was most sensitive to the Gram positives at 75%.


Keywords: zoonoses, poultry, multidrug resistance

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