An effective method for high quality DNA extraction from frozen blood samples

Mohthash Musambil, Faraz Fathima, Jithesh T. K., Mansoor k, Fasalu Rahiman O. M., Mohammed Muneersha T. K., Mirshad P. V.


Today, a number of methods are available for the isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood samples. The ideal goal for all techniques developed for genomic DNA extraction is obtaining high quantities of pure, integral and intact genomic DNA from the sample with minimal traces of impurities. Here we report an effective and standardized protocol for extracting high quality genomic DNA from frozen blood samples. The reason that most of the methods described in literature finds it difficult to extract genomic DNA from frozen blood samples, lead us to evaluate and standardize better methods for the extraction. We have made an attempt to develop a slightly modified protocol that can use in genomic DNA extraction from frozen whole blood samples. The improvised method was developed by standardizing the parameters such as usage of Proteinase K, incubation time and incubation temperature. The described method allows simple, fast and high quality DNA extraction with qualitative parameters maintained from frozen blood samples.


Keywords: DNA extraction, Genomic DNA, Frozen whole blood samples, Incubation temperature, Proteinase K.

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