A new report on rapid, cheap and easily extractable mass spore production of Beauveria bassiana using recyclable polyurethane foams as support medium

Avishek Banik, Subir Ganguly, Bansi Badan Mukhopadhyay, Subhra Kanti Mukhopadhyay


The conventional solid-state fermentation (SSF) has long been practiced for mass production of spores of several fungi in industries. However it has some disadvantages. SSF takes longer time for sporulation, amount of unutilized medium components is high and spent medium is non-recyclable, spore production efficiency per gram of medium used is not very high in comparison to spore production on polyurethane foam. In the present study, we have used biologically inert polyurethane foam as a supporting medium for mass production of spores of Beauveria bassiana which is frequently used in tea plantation to control several tea pests. This new technique of spore production gives an average of 8.3x 10 9 spores per gram of medium used in first 10 days which is almost nineteen times higher than what we have obtain in the conventional solid-state fermentation after 20 days incubation. We also found that the amount of spore mass production increases in the 2nd and 3rd cycle considerably, simply by adding fresh medium to the used polyurethane foams covered with fungal mycelium.


Keywords: Beauveria bassiana, Polyurethane foams, Solid-state fermentation (SSF), conidia

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