Adsorption of protein on titanium dioxide and titanium dioxide coated surface

N. C. Nwokem, C. O. Nwokem, E. E. Ella, A. A. Osunlaja, Y. O. Usman, O. J. Ocholi


Biofunctions are required for metal implants introduced into stenotic blood vessels. These implants though required for dilation of the vessels, must exhibit blood compatibility and prevent the adhesion of platelets on its surface. Biomaterial grade titanium treated with polyethylene glycol as coating material was used for the experiment, with uncoated titanium as control. The adsorption of fibrinogen on both treated and untreated titanium oxide surfaces was studied. Whereas, there was significant adsorption of the fibrinogen protein on the untreated titanium oxide surface, none was recorded on the treated titanium oxide surface. Metal surface biofouling by proteins can be mitigated by the use polyethylene glycol coating on implants. This inhibition of proteins adsorption will prevent tissue growth, thereby allowing sliding movements in stenotic blood vessels.


Key words: Biofouling, Fibrinogen, Polyethylene glycol, Titanium, Titanium oxide

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