Aerobic bacteriology of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM) in a teaching hospital

Shazia Parveen. S, Janardhan Rao R


The present study was carried out to determine the aerobic microorganisms involved and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern in patients with Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM) and to provide a guideline for empirical antibiotic therapy. A total of 100 patients with unilateral or bilateral active chronic suppurative otitis media attending the outpatient clinic were included in the study.They had chronic ear discharge and had not received antibiotics for the previous five days. Swabs were taken, and cultured for bacteria. Antibiotic testing was done using modified Kirby. Bauer disk diffusion method as per CLSI guidelines. The highest incidence (29.72%) was that of Pseudomonas aeuroginosa followed by Staphylococcus aureus (21.62%) and E.coli . Of the 10 fungal isolates, 6(60%) were Candida species (Candida albicans). Aspergillus was isolated in 4(40%) . According to the results of drug susceptibility test, all isolated strains were sensitive to ofloxacin. Knowledge of the pathogens, responsible for CSOM and choose suitable antibiotics according to susceptibility tests should guide the management of disease treatment and reduces intracranial and extra cranial complications with CSOM.


Key words: Chronic suppurative otitis media, aerobic bacteriology, antibiotic sensitivity.

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