A review of Female Infertility; important etiological factors and management

Olooto Wasiu Eniola, Amballi Adebayo Adetola, Banjo Taiwo Abayomi.


The difficulty to conceive or subfertility constitutes a major social and psychological burden amongst couples especially in African women. In Nigeria, it is estimated that female factors and unexplained infertility generally accounts for 50-80% of cases of infertility and thus the need to review the various works done by researchers. In this review the contributions of the different etiological factors in female infertility was looked into and attempt was made to update the available information on the management of female infertility. The main aim of this review is to generate information which could act as guideline in the evaluation of female infertility. From the reviewed studies on female infertility it is concluded that a loss of 5-10 % of body weight in obese anovulatory infertile women, maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, prevention and prompt treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and not delaying parenthood are amongst the purported good preventive measures to tackle infertility amongst infertile women.


Key words: Female infertility, hypothyroidism, anovulation, hyperprolactinemia,

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