Axinella donani : A marine sponge, as potential source of Therapeutic compounds

C. E. Rani Juneius, J. Selvin


Sponges have long been known as a source of bioactive secondary products exhibiting
antimicrobial, antitumor, antiviral or general cytotoxic properties with pharmaceutical and medical relevance. In this present study a marine sponge Axinella donani was collected from Keelamanakudi, a coastal region from Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. It was identified by morphological features and SEM analysis. Sponge metabolites were extracted by Chloroform: methanol and which was used to study the presence of therapeutic compounds. Compounds present in the extract was studied by various chromatographic and Spectroscopic methods. The result revealed the presence of novel compounds. The sponge GC/MS data revealed that there were 23 different compounds present in the Chloroform: methanol extract. They are, Pentadecane, Dodecane, m-Di-tert-butylbenzene, 2,3,7-Trimethyldecane, 5-Isobutylnonane, Nonane, 5-(2-methylpropyl)- CAS) Octane, 4-Butyl-2-methyl- decane, 3,7-Dimethyl - Decane, Nonane, 5-(2-methylpropyl)- (CAS) octane, 4-Butyl-2-methyl- octadecane, 2-ethylhexyl isohexyl ester, Heptadecane, 3-Ethyl-3-methyldecane, Nonadecane and Tetradecane. Hence the present study reveals that a marine sponge Axinella donani can serve as a potential source of therapeutic compounds.


Keywords: marine sponge, SEM analysis, GC/MS data.

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